Marisa Bareno Gregor

Marisa Bareno Gregor has been living in Plymouth for over 20 years. She is married to an English man and they have 3 children, all of them bilingual in Spanish and English. She has worked as a Spanish teacher in various different centres, teaching both adults and children. Her wealth of experience has enabled her to learn the most effective and up to date methods of teaching the Spanish language. A decade ago, she started organising language holidays in England for Spanish children through her Anglo-Spanish Conexions schools, and now she is well known for her professionalism, unique style and personality by all of her clientele, from the English host families who regularly host the Spanish children to the businesses that collaborate with her company. Her experience and professionalism guarantee a wonderful learning experience for any student who decides to learn Spanish with Anglo Spanish School.

Santiago Escalante

Santiago Escalante is a journalist with 20 years’ experience in the Spanish media, who has also written several books about nature in addition to biographies. Five years ago he started teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The idea of opening a language school in Plymouth was a dream which took several years to achieve. His enthusiasm and profound linguistic knowledge are of great benefit to the Anglo-Spanish Language School and its students.