Learn Spanish at a rapid pace on this intensive course. Choose the level you need!

Students learn basic Spanish grammar such as verb conjugation and adjective agreement and practice the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in the present tense with an emphasis upon correct oral and written expression. Students are also introduced to various aspects of Hispanic culture.

Typical topics in this course include:
  • Speaking about yourself
  • Greetings
  • Numbers, dates and times
  • Food and drink
  • Shopping
  • Accommodation
  • Directions
Students will learn the use of past tense structures and pronoun usage. You will continue to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills necessary to communicate about self, family, and daily life, as well as on abstract concepts such as feelings and emotions. You will also explore cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world.
Students will build upon vocabulary, review grammar and learn further subtleties of Spanish syntax and idiomatic expressions. Students will review present tense, past tense and subjunctive verb conjugation. You will develop communicative skills or techniques necessary for summarizing, paraphrasing, interpreting and narrating.
Students will develop greater comfort and uency if you have previously studied most of Spanish grammar and can already communicate simple ideas and narrate simple information in past, present and future tenses. Students will practice difcult structures such as the use of object pronouns, subjunctive mood, adverbial conjunctions, hypothetical and future structures. You will develop communicative skills by the expansion of vocabulary, as well as idiomatic expressions. You will learn to “talk around” unknown vocabulary, express opinions, support them and engage in discussion and argument.